Divine Again

Divine Again… just what you’ve been asking for!

Many of you have inquired about custom upholstery during the last three years. You have found a piece in the store that would be perfect if it was just the right color or you have a piece at home that needs to be refreshed.

Eluid Grajalva, our experienced and talented upholsterer, is here to help you make decisions about design and color. You can order fabric from sample books here or bring in fabric.

Wait – it gets even better than that- We will be offering training for clients of Partners In Careers and Goodwill. Their six month training program will prepare them to be hired as an upholsterer. Custom upholstery is a dying craft and there aren’t many to pass it on. We have not only a great upholsterer, but he’s also a patient instructor. We are pleased to be able to help people acquire a good paying career.