Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I donate my furniture and support my favorite charity?

A. You can donate your home furnishings and receive an in-kind tax receipt. When the item sells a share of the proceeds will be sent to your favorite charity.

Q. What does consignment really mean?

A. Consignment means that an owner of an item(the consignor) gives that item to an agent to hold and then sell. The agent, or Divine Consign (DC), never takes title to the item; ownership is passed to the purchaser.

Q. What is the first step?

A. Send, mail, bring in or e-mail a picture of the item to DC. The DC appraisers determine the suitability of the item based on customers’ preferences, current styles and condition.

Q. How is the price determined?

A. DC and the owner set a fair price together determined by age of item, original price, condition and demand. A well priced item should sell in about 30 days.

Q. Does my item have to be in perfect condition?

A. Home furnishings must be clean with no signs of wear, chips, cracks, missing or broken parts.

Q. How much will I receive from the sale.

A. DC and the consignor will split the sale price 50/50.

Q. Do you discount items that aren’t selling?

A. Items that have not sold in 30 days will be reduced by 15%, if not sold in 60 days another 15% reduction. If items remain after 90 days you can choose to pick them up or donate to Divine Consign and receive an in-kind tax receipt.

Q. What if I don’t want my item back?

A. If you choose to leave it or fail to pick it up within 90 days after consignment begins, the item becomes property of the shop and you will receive a tax donation receipt.

Q. How do I get my heavy items to the shop?

A. We do not move the furniture but we can recommend a company for you to call.

Q. How do I get my money when my item sells?

A. You will be notified when your item sells. You can pick up your money at the shop. You can leave  self-addressed, stamped envelope for your checks.

Q. What home furnishing do you take?

A. Couches, dining room sets, bedroom dressers and chest of drawers, small kitchen sets, leather sofas, chairs, ottomans , barrister bookcases, decorative accessories, lamps, framed and matted artwork, mirrors, desks, and coat trees.

Q. What items don’t you take?

A. Mattresses or box springs, beds or headboards, baby furniture, pots, pans or kitchenware, books, appliances, pianos, sewing machines, waterbeds, sporting or gym equipment, metal framed posters or photographs, kitchen or dining tables without the chairs, unframed artwork, commercial office furniture, lamps without shades and electronics, armories or entertainment centers of any kind.

Q. What about antiques?

A. We will have a limited number of antiques items to be determined by style, demand, and condition.

For answers to other questions – call 360-695-6443.