How to Consign

Here’s How To Become A Valued Consignor

  1. Mail in, bring in or email photo of the item. You can bring a small item to the store.
  2. Include information on year purchased, condition, manufacturer, original price and a suggested selling price.
  3. Our in-store appraisers will determine suitability considering the above mentioned factors plus our customer’s preferences.
  4. We will work with you to determine a well-valued price.
  5. Our split is 50% to the store and 50% to the consignor.
  6. Items will remain at the agreed price for 30 days. If the item is not sold in 30 days the price is reduced by 15%. If it does not sell in another 30 days the price is reduced by 15%. At 90 days we will contact you to see if you want to pick up your item or donate it. You would then receive a tax receipt.

Home furnishings must be clean with no signs of wear, no stains, chips, cracks, missing or broken parts.

E-mail to: or call 360-695-6443