Quality and Pricing Policy

Divine Consign is dedicated to the ideal of excellence in both value and service.

Your quality home furnishings will be marketed and presented in a style that that will achieve the maximum return possible for you.

Our dedicated volunteers insure the highest quality and professional services available.

Divine Consign is committed to offering the best possible prices while striving for fast turnover of your consigned items.

All items must be clean, gently-used, currently in style and demand.

Any items with missing parts, chipped, cracked or broken, as well as bedding, rugs, and carpet will not be accepted.

We reserve the right to refuse any item due to condition, current inventory or past experience.

Our Pricing Policy

The selling price will be set by you and the store appraiser.

If the items do not sell in 30 days we will reduce the price by 15%, an additional 15% will be taken at the end of 60 days. Items that have not sold by 90 days must be either picked up by the owner or donated to Divine Consign. You will receive an in-kind tax receipt at that time.

When your item sells you will be called to pick up your money. Accounts are closed on the 1st and 30th. Checks are usually available written on the 4th and 19th of each month.