Resale Shopping

Resale shopping can be an adventurous treasure hunt. It can be a weekday outing with a friend or weekend hobby with your significant other. You, too, can have a story with which to amaze your friends when they start talking about the great deals they found on e-bay, at the auction or at a garage sale.

Resale may be a new experience for you so let me share with you some tips to being a savvy resale shopper.

  • Shop Often – Consignors take in items every day.
  • Shop Wisely – Prices drop everyday.
  • Shop Systematically – Resale shops are packed with hundreds of items. Take a quick walk through and then walk slowly around again..
  • Shop Intently– Keep a purse-size notebook with color chips, fabric samples and a list of  pieces you would love to find. Throw in a tape measure.
  • Shop Creatively– Picture that chair in your home refinished, with a new color, or a fun fabric.
  • Shop Techy – Keep a camera in your purse to take pictures of items you think might work at home. Get on their wish list for particular needs.
  • Shop Smart – Ask about the purchasing policies. Do they take credit cards? Do they allow for returns? Do they have a layaway program?
  • Shop Resourcefully– Ask for assistance. The shopkeepers know their inventory and can help you mix and match pieces and they want you to have a fun, productive experience.
  • Shop Comparatively – Check prices in other consignment stores or new retail. You’ll be pleased at the bargains.
  • Shop Impulsively – Have fun. If you buy something you grow tired of, consign it and buy something new.

So give it a try. Grab a cup of coffee and wander through resale shops one Saturday morning. You’ll meet the nicest people, find the prefect treasure and help our world by recycling.