2024 Grants Announced

It's Grant Time!

We are excited to announce 7 organizations chosen to receive $2000 grants. The organizations serve our community in the areas of human services, arts, and education.

The following organizations will receive grants:

  • CDM Caregiving Services
  • Clark County Historical Museum
  • Columbia Play Project
  • Downtown Safe Stay Community
  • Fort Vancouver Trappers Booster Club
  • PAL - Police Activities League of SWW
  • Vancouver Farmers Market

"We received many worthy grants and are so amazed at all the wonderful services being provided by our community organizations. We thank all of you that applied. They certainly raise the quality of life for everyone in our community." shared Sam Gilroy-Hicks, Board President.

Divine Consign is a program of Gifts For Our Community, a nonprofit organization that provides resources for our community in the areas of human services, education, and the arts. Funds are raised to distribute to our community through proceeds from Divine Consign and B.Divine Clothing Boutique, located at 904 Main St., Vancouver, WA and GFOC patrons.

Thank you.