Gifts For Our Community

Agreement with Gifts For Our Community to Facilitate Donations

Providing Resources to Community for Human Services, Arts and Education 

This agreement authorizes Gifts For Our Community to accept and facilitate donations of household goods on behalf of the organization listed on the agreement form. 

I understand and agree to the following:

  • Divine Consign is a project of Gifts For Our Community, an independent 501(c)(3) organization,

  • Gifts For Our Community has the authority to accept donations on behalf of the organization listed on the agreement and will return a portion of the final sale price to the organization.

  • Gifts For Our Community retains the right to refuse any donation or consignment offered to it if it is not in an acceptable condition for sale.

  • Donations received by our organization are used for charitable, arts and or educational purposes in the community. 

How Donations work from a donor on your behalf

A donor provides furniture or other household items to Gifts For Our Community as a gift and will be provided an in-kind tax deduction receipt. In order for us to issue an in-kind tax receipt where the donor may deduct the full value of the item(s), IRS regulations dictate that Gifts For Our Community be in complete control of the donation and therefore cannot be legally obligated to share the donation. 

However, in line with our goal of connecting community organizations to funding, we do make gifts of proceeds from the final sale of the donation. The donor may recommend that Divine Consign share a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their In-kind gift with another entity – like yours! 

When your organization is issued a check from Gifts For Our Community as recommended by a donor for a share of the final selling price, you will be provided the name and contact (address) information of the donor. In this instance, you agree to: 

  1. Send a prompt thank you note to the person that is listed on the form attached to the check. (This is the person who recommended and donated on your behalf.) 
  2. Take care that NO TAX RECEIPT is issued by your organization to that person. Divine Consign has already provided an in-kind receipt when the item was donated to us allowing them to declare and deduct the total value of the donated item(s). If you issue them an additional tax receipt for the amount of your check you are providing the donor with two deductions for the same gift (donation). This constitutes fraud and so it very important to make any necessary changes in your donation processing to prevent this from happening. 
  3. Divine Consign asks that you also get the word out to you constituents, patrons & newsletter recipients that they may bring their good, gently used furniture and household goods to us and request that a portion of the selling price be made on your behalf. We do not issue a check until the item(s) sell and at that time we will call your organization to come pick up a check. 

We look forward to partnering with you in this process of providing resources to the community for human services, arts and education. 

If you have any questions please call Divine Consign at (360) 695-6443.